Post 5: Leader Profile (390)

In my community, there are many special and prominent people. However, today I would like to talk about one person, a writer, a journalist, also the famous translator, Trang Ha.

Who is she?

Trang Ha (born in 1975)  graduated from the Faculty of Chinese Language, University of Languages and International Studies, Master of Communication in Taiwan (PV/MTM, 2015). She was the permanent correspondent of Tien Phong Newspaper in Taipei. Her job is writing, doing journalism, writing journals, writing scripts and advertising. According to The Vietnamese News, she has won many literary prizes such as First season of Students’ flower newspaper, The Greenage (1998) of Tienphong newspaper, Literature of the 20s (1995) of The Youth newspaper, Encouraging literary creation for young people (2004) of Thanh Nien publishing company, Favorite author (2012) of The Fahasha company, etc. (PV/MTM, 2015).

Why is she exceptional?

In our community, nobody is unaware of Trang Ha because she is the one who introduced the new type of novel to Vietnam. In 2002, Trang Ha approached the blog on WordPress, then a year later when she went to Taiwan, she blogged and began to translate short stories online daily (PV/MTM, 2015). Her famous translation works, “Crazy mother”, “Fires in the Chinese Southwest”, etc., refer to the status of the misfortune of women in life. These successful online novels have marked a new reading trend in Vietnam when the young readers gradually love this type. That is, these novels spread in the reading community, then this was the rapid development of the translation community to satisfy the demand of the readers.

Trang Ha not only is the trend starter but also becomes a good example as well as an inspiration for women, love, and family. For example, she is willing to point out the missteps as plagiarism of the Vietnam Literature Association in 2009, despite the criticism of many people (Ha, 2015). As a result, some poets have apologized and acknowledged the wrong in public and the Vietnamese literary community. This shows her courage and determination to against the wrong. Besides, she also has many great articles about women and experience to make a happy family. These articles encourage the women around to love themselves and love family.

Mrs. Ha has contributed a lot to the novel community as well as becoming the ideal female model (courageous, self-reliant, warm heart, loving family) for everyone, including me, to follow.



Ha, T. (2015, May 11). I’m not a writer. Retrieved from Trang Ha:

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Post 4: Conflict (305 words)

Conflict is unavoidable in the communities with different levels. We had several great contradictions in our Novel Community because of different ideas and the implementation. However, I remember that we had the biggest conflict in three years ago since the members increased, while we didn’t have clear regulations in the community. During that time, our two most famous translators translated independently the same novel. With the lax management, no one knew that thing until they posted on their blog. The story becomes more stressful when readers compare two translations, defending the translator they love, even the two translators participated in this argument and no one gave way.

As one of the founders and community managers, I helped them to solve this problem. First and foremost, I found two translators to talk, finding out what is the facts. Then, I held meeting with related parties, helping them have face to face conversation. We talked together to eliminate misunderstandings, and find the best solution. The last solution is that both of them collaborate to translate that novel together. I tried to persuade the two to cooperate, and as a result, that novel became one of our success stories. After that incident, the two became closer and cooperated in the next project.

Through this, we have learned from experience and had new rules to avoid major conflicts. We set up a website for the community ( and have clear rules for translators and readers. The website also has webpages for discussion of stories for readers, translator registration for translators. We also classify stories by country, content, so that people are easy to follow and control. In addition, we will also reward those who actively contribute to the community, and punish, and even ban and remove those who break the rules to create the sustainable development of the community.


Post 3: Trend

Our novel community is developing more and more and becoming the place for meeting and exchanging the novels of Vietnamese young people.

I remember that this community was only 5 people at the beginning (in 2009), and we read Vietnamese and converted Chinese. Actually, at that time, people, especially the youth, were less interested in books and stories. There were many reasons for this phenomenon, e.g. the popularity of online games and the promotion of movies have led people to spend less time reading. Besides, the good books with the variety of novel types are not many in the market, so nobody cares about reading books. Moreover, because of the limited human and financial resources, we read online, exchanged by Facebook. For these reasons, very few people want to join our community.

Unbelievable, after a time, the number of members of the novel community has increased significantly. Young people knew about our community through the spread of social networking with the help of many applications of the smartphone because they can read anywhere at any time. Favorite novels have also become more diverse, for example, people read novel form plenty of countries: Vietnam and China, Japan, Korea, England or France, etc. Members of the community not only read about heterosexual love but also care about homosexual ones. More specially, historical fictions which historical information is integrated with the love story make everybody prefer and understand more history than boring classes at school. Besides translating online, we also printed or purchased translated or original novels for members easily.

From my point of view, cultural integration and the development of technology have created a reading culture for young people in Vietnam. These things also help readers in our community reach conveniently and easily out to many different kinds of novels.

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Post 2: Skills Inventor

Actually, before joining in Novel Discourse Community, I thought this community is for fun. And I can have more chances to read novels. However, when taking part in this, I realized this community can bring to me plenty of benefits.

First and foremost, I can have more chances to improve my reading skill. I read more books about my favorite novel and other ones that were recommended by my friends, and therefore, I can read faster. Especially, these books are not only Vietnamese but also English that help me enhance my English language due to the fact that I can know more new words, understand how to use right words depending on each situation. This is useful for may my study when I read English document as well as write assignments, letters, reports etc. Although these benefits of English novels, I still prefer translating novels, you know, when reading by my mother tongue, I can understand all the meanings of each sentence.

Furthermore, Novel Discourse Community can help me get knowledge. Initially, I can learn many things from plenty of type of books that were reviewed by other members. For instance, some kinds of the romantic book can give me knowledge about cooking, I can get recipe or tips to cook better, meanwhile, some adventure novels can provide survival knowledge, or detective novels can make me know about some knowledge of the animal body, human body, etc. More importantly, I can chat and discuss what I read with other members, somebody can comment, real experience and examples to prove or reject provided information in books. By doing so, I can get better information for my life.

Last but not least, this community helps me improve communication ability and become more confident. Honestly, I am shy and introverted, I rarely talk and share with others. However, when I came to Novel Discourse Community, I opened up and communicated more. I chatted with other members online and joined in the meetings of the group to have the face-to-face conversations. Especially, I am willing to travel or have some social activities such as volunteer at remote areas in Viet Nam. We taught children these places how to read, and provide books, novels (e.g. Soul seed, How to win friends and influence people, Happy for no reason, Harry Potter, etc.) for them. Thanks to these activities, I can become more active, creative which are useful for my future career – environmental technician.


(January 2016, I traveled to Cat Ba Island)

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Post 1: Introduction

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”

― Mark Twain



In our contemporary, the book is always considered a good friend and the reading book becomes the indispensable habit in each human’s life. Like everybody, I also have a hobby that is reading the novel in order to reduce stress after the stressful day. I often spend 2hrs to reading my favorite novel. I don’t remember how I get that habit, just know when I read the novel, I seem to be lost in my imagination to step into another world, novel world. This attracts me as well as brings plenty of benefits for me. For example, fiction novels can help my imagination develop, while romantic ones can help me become more in love. Each book is telling a part of the real story in life, making me empathize more, especially, I can find myself in those stories and know how to deal with my problems.

For these reasons, I often buy the book monthly, besides, I can read free e-book online. Fortunately, when I decided read novel by an application on mobile, I found my ideal novel group. Although everyone loves the different type of favorite novel, we have a common voice and being willing to share ideas, reviews, and suggestions about several books. This is a small community, including 15 members from many cities in Vietnam. In the first period, we often worked and talked by Messenger of Facebook, e.g. I, preferring fiction novel, gave a lot of evaluations about content, writing style and main characters, even some reasonable or unreasonable details in book, suggesting them to read some books like The Magicians of Lev Grossman, The Maze Runner of James Dashner, The Time Traveler’s Wife of Audrey Niffenegger, etc. Gradually, we became closer to share about private life and help each member who has difficulties. Then, we hold meetings, traveling together, exchanging the books we own, even fundraising to buy ebooks online for members.

The book, especially novel, is our spiritual companion in life, and the book is also a bridge for unfamiliar people to be more familiar and familiar.


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Blog 10 (390)

Concerning the issue of junk food, people hold different views. Many people feel that there are plenty of disadvantages to selling junk food to children, just like cigarettes or alcohol, and it should be prohibited. This blog will elaborate on the reasons why junk food should not be sold to children.

In the light of the fact that junk food can be a major threat that kills many people, a study at the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington provided the facts and numbers of deaths attributable to junk food in 2010 (Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, 2010):

Diets 678,282
Smoking 465,651
Physical Inactivity 234,022
Alcohol Use 88,587
Drug Use 25,430

Table 1: Death totals by risk (Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, 2010)

From the table above, people can see that unhealthy food including junk food causes more health issue than smoking, alcohol or even drug use. I believe that many people have a question in their mind: How can this happen? Actually, people, especially children, need enough nutrients (vitamins from fruit, fiber from vegetables, protein from meat, fish, etc.) to exist and develop. Meanwhile, fast food just has high-calorie content and low nutrient value (Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, 2010). Therefore, the nutrient imbalance makes them susceptible to disease, and even death.

For children, junk food has more serious effects both psychologically and physically (Kerkar, 2017).


(ePainassist, n.d.)

First and foremost, children can become addicted to eating more fast food because of its delicious taste. As a consequence, with extremely high sugar content, saturated fats, and fewer vitamins, fiber, this kind of food can make children obese, and even increase the risk of developing high cholesterol and heart problems at a young age. Secondly, they can suffer from digestive problems, e.g. oil used for food can make the stomach increase the production of acid, causing stomachache. Last but not least, obese children tend to have lower self-esteem than others, and therefore they do not have good communication skills to solve their problem. Moreover, obese children often have low concentration when studying, and therefore do not do well at school. Unfortunately, today, more and more children choose fast food instead of healthy food and ignore the warning of fast food’s harms.

For the above reasons, it can be concluded that junk food is dangerous for children. Thus, it is highly recommended that the Government should take action to limit selling junk food to children, which protect next generation’s health.



EPainassist. (n.d.). Effects of Junk Food on your Child. [Digital image]. Retrieved March 29, 2018, from

Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation. (2010). The State of US Health, 1990-2010: Burden of Diseases, Injuries and Risk Factors. Washington: Journal of the American Medical Association.

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Blog 9 (250)

In my opinion, money isn’t the biggest motivator for people in the workplace. I don’t deny that money is important. It has the power to help me sustain life.  I need money for my health, my hobbies, my living expenses, etc. I expect a salary every month and I’m willing to do the job for a satisfactory salary. However, I don’t consider it the first choice in my work.

If you were to ask me about the most important thing in a job, my answer would be the passion. I want to do my favorite job every single day. It makes my life happier and more meaningful.  I feel very optimistic when I wake up every morning, being ready to do my work. Obviously, with the passion, I can be full of energy to do my best and finish the job quickly and accurately. My second consideration is the working environment. I’m really happy with my current job although it doesn’t have a very high salary in comparison to other jobs I applied for. I chose that job due to the friendly supervisor and colleagues. They always teach me everything I need to progress each day. Moreover, the supervisor understood my situation and accepted my flexible work time. Therefore, I arranged a timetable to easily balance my life.

For me, these are the biggest motivators in the workplace. If it includes a high salary, it’s awesome. If not, that can’t make me stop working in my chosen job!