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The “15 Reasons I Think You Should Blog” indicates that blogging can bring many advantages for people. This blog will present several positive points which convince me the most.

First and foremost, no one can deny that blog can help people write better. Actually, when people often blog, they can know how to write logically. Especially, they can find a lot of interesting things. Then, they can express their feeling about that by writing which leads them to be practiced to improve their writing skill.

In additionally, frequently blogging is good way to help people think better. Obviously, when blogging, they will think carefully about what they write. Besides, they can find and read more and more to absorb knowledge as well as open their horizon. Thanks to that, they can understand many issues in multi-aspects which make them think and give responses quickly.

Last but not least, blogging also helps people inspire others. It is clearly that people can write about their life or plenty of situations in life, they can motivate others to live better. Moreover, bloggers can become bright examples for success which make the youth learn and follow them. Taking Brian Clark as good example, he likes writing and sharing experience. Thanks to him, many people can get valuable knowledge and be successful copywriters.

However, one of the reasons I do not agree is meeting people. It is difficult to have actual meeting in real life because most people do not believe in strangers, especially online friends.

For these reasons, I believe blog can become good tool in my study and my life which help me develop lots of skills


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