Blog 2 (264)

In my opinion, “Shitty First Drafts” is useful article which provides me the way how to write well. That means, through reading example, I understand that each famous writer has their own method to create excellent works. Nonetheless, all of them start at first draft that is foundation to build their story. As Lamott say, writers cannot have flashy image like staying at their desk, thinking and imaging content as well as emotion of story, then, typing first draft as fast as possible. Because by that way, they cannot get feeling and emotion to write. First draft is feeling or content of story which is written by hearing, seeing, collecting information in any time at anywhere. In other words, they can write everything around them by simple words and loose sentence. Although it takes their time much, this is important for each author. After having first draft, it is clearly that writers can select good ideas to fix and establish other drafts.

Thanks to “Shitty First Drafts”, I can understand deeply how first draft is necessary. I usually have first draft before writing. In first draft, I can write outline what I want to express in writing. Obviously, what I think will show in that by monotonous words or sentence, even that draft may not be coherent. Notwithstanding, no one can deny that the first one helps me do not forget anything I need. After that, I can review, choose, arrange, rewrite everything logically in second, third draft. For this reason, I believe that writing first draft is good habit to get perfect work.


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