Blog 3 (252)

In the contemporary society, Wikipedia which has millions of common and academic articles, plays a necessary role in my life when I need information. When I want to find general information, Wikipedia often appears as a first reference on Google. This website can provide basic and general data. For example, definitions, classifications as well as detail transformation cycles of many kinds of rocks are given clearly on Wikipedia which helps me save time in finding other sources. Hence, no one can deny that Wikipedia can be considered a convenient tool for information.

Nonetheless, I have always been taught that Wikipedia is not a reliable source for everything. I believe that is true for several reasons. First, Wikipedia can be written and edited by anyone. For instance, content is not strictly censored and can be accurate but may also contain subjective opinions of writers. Moreover, Olivia Stren said in “Wikipedians Do It for Love. Really.”  that the age average of Wikipedian is a 25 years old engineering student (Stern, 2017). In other words, they could have enough professional knowledge, experience or awareness to evaluate and write about some issues but not others. In addition, Wikipedia is viewed as secondary source because they fix typos to create new articles without updating information from the primary source. At worst, Wikipedia’s writers can use information from tabloids for their articles, causing others to form incorrect or inaccurate opinions about some topics. For these reasons, I always use information from other credible source for my writing.


Stern, O. (2012, August 23). Wikipedians so it for love. Really., Globe and Mail Retrieved February 16, 2017,


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