Blog 4 (249)

It is obvious that wildlife is a very valuable natural resource.  It contributes in creating a balanced ecological system. However, the number of species is decreasing rapidly due to a variety of factors. It is estimated that 237 species are endangered in Ontario, Canada. (Species at risk in Ontario, 2018) So, it is important to create profiles and inventories of species. This can play an important role in managing and protecting species. Scientists and conservationists gather information on a variety of species. They can conduct research into these species which provides data on their abundance, characteristics and mannerisms. They can also do research into how these animals can be beneficial to humans including uses in medicine.  The lists can also be used to manage endangered species to maintain their numbers and protect them.

What we are doing is not enough to stop the disappearance of species. A major problem is consciousness of people. We need to enhance awareness. For example, the use of mass media is an effective method to help people, especially children, understand more about wildlife.  Increasing punishments for poaching, smuggling, or habitat destruction can act as a deterrent for those who intend to commit a crime. Furthermore, a main reason mentioned in “After long wait, 11 new names added to Canada’s list of species at risk” is climate change, which leads to global warming. (Semeniuk, 2016) Therefore, we should work together to solve environmental problems like focusing on sustainable development in the economy, society and environment.


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Species at risk in Ontario. (2018, January 30). Retrieved from Ontario:


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