Blog 5 (258)

This is profile of red-headed woodpecker on the website, Ontario Nature Magazine:

That website, which is accessible, provides knowledge about wild species for public education and interest. The listed profile of the woodpecker is understandable and memorable. People whose interested in woodpeckers, including researchers or students, etc., can comment and share their knowledge about bird sightings to build the profile.

The profile was written by Tim Tiner, who is the author of several nature guide books and a longtime contributor to Ontario Nature. He is a prestigious person in the field of nature, especially in wildlife and unusual animal. Therefore, the information provided is a credible source. Although he has published the profile in spring 2009 and has not been updated since, his document is still popular within the “woodpecker researchers” community due to its resourceful contents.

That profile of the red-headed woodpecker gives an overall picture about the woodpecker e.g. their scientific name, length, weight, age, identifying features and habitat. That data provided in detail where people can imagine about shape and size of one red-headed woodpecker in each different maturation period. Moreover, they also know locations where woodpeckers live and migrate, remaining quantity of those as well as find plenty of reasons why those birds become scarce gradually in Canada, especially Ontario. This would help people to understand more about this rare species and therefore, raise awareness in the community to identify and protect it.

Overall, profiling is necessary to control and protect endangered species and therefore, maintaining biodiversity of Canada and in the world


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