Blog 8 – Week 9 (280)

This is my story about me when I was persuaded by my friend.

Honestly, I got a lot of trouble in studying because I have been a foreign student for 3 months. There were many things to learn and adapt to the new environment with the new culture, new educational system. Especially, I’m very weak in group discussions and in communications, and therefore I didn’t talk much to people around, e.g. my classmate, my neighbors… As a consequence, I wasted much time to study and remember the knowledge, however, my study result wasn’t good.

At that time, my roommate, Viet Anh, suggested about group study. He spent the whole night to list down the advantages and disadvantages of that kind study. He told that we can learn together, add missing knowledge for each other. He took himself as an example to prove what he said because he did it when he studied in high school. When learning with his friends, both him and his friends progressed quickly. Moreover, he also was enthusiastic in searching the information on the internet to find several methods for group study.

With the vivid example and logic arguments, I was persuaded immediately. I was excited and interested in finding the new effective way of learning. Then he and I made weekly timetable depending on the spare time of each person. I believe that we will be the success due to that his strengths can help me eliminate my weaknesses and my strengths also make him progress.

After being persuaded, I think Viet Anh is good at persuasion. He talks confidently and gives reasonable ideas to make others follow him. I hope I can learn that strength from him.



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