Blog 9 (250)

In my opinion, money isn’t the biggest motivator for people in the workplace. I don’t deny that money is important. It has the power to help me sustain life.  I need money for my health, my hobbies, my living expenses, etc. I expect a salary every month and I’m willing to do the job for a satisfactory salary. However, I don’t consider it the first choice in my work.

If you were to ask me about the most important thing in a job, my answer would be the passion. I want to do my favorite job every single day. It makes my life happier and more meaningful.  I feel very optimistic when I wake up every morning, being ready to do my work. Obviously, with the passion, I can be full of energy to do my best and finish the job quickly and accurately. My second consideration is the working environment. I’m really happy with my current job although it doesn’t have a very high salary in comparison to other jobs I applied for. I chose that job due to the friendly supervisor and colleagues. They always teach me everything I need to progress each day. Moreover, the supervisor understood my situation and accepted my flexible work time. Therefore, I arranged a timetable to easily balance my life.

For me, these are the biggest motivators in the workplace. If it includes a high salary, it’s awesome. If not, that can’t make me stop working in my chosen job!



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