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Concerning the issue of junk food, people hold different views. Many people feel that there are plenty of disadvantages to selling junk food to children, just like cigarettes or alcohol, and it should be prohibited. This blog will elaborate on the reasons why junk food should not be sold to children.

In the light of the fact that junk food can be a major threat that kills many people, a study at the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington provided the facts and numbers of deaths attributable to junk food in 2010 (Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, 2010):

Diets 678,282
Smoking 465,651
Physical Inactivity 234,022
Alcohol Use 88,587
Drug Use 25,430

Table 1: Death totals by risk (Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, 2010)

From the table above, people can see that unhealthy food including junk food causes more health issue than smoking, alcohol or even drug use. I believe that many people have a question in their mind: How can this happen? Actually, people, especially children, need enough nutrients (vitamins from fruit, fiber from vegetables, protein from meat, fish, etc.) to exist and develop. Meanwhile, fast food just has high-calorie content and low nutrient value (Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, 2010). Therefore, the nutrient imbalance makes them susceptible to disease, and even death.

For children, junk food has more serious effects both psychologically and physically (Kerkar, 2017).


(ePainassist, n.d.)

First and foremost, children can become addicted to eating more fast food because of its delicious taste. As a consequence, with extremely high sugar content, saturated fats, and fewer vitamins, fiber, this kind of food can make children obese, and even increase the risk of developing high cholesterol and heart problems at a young age. Secondly, they can suffer from digestive problems, e.g. oil used for food can make the stomach increase the production of acid, causing stomachache. Last but not least, obese children tend to have lower self-esteem than others, and therefore they do not have good communication skills to solve their problem. Moreover, obese children often have low concentration when studying, and therefore do not do well at school. Unfortunately, today, more and more children choose fast food instead of healthy food and ignore the warning of fast food’s harms.

For the above reasons, it can be concluded that junk food is dangerous for children. Thus, it is highly recommended that the Government should take action to limit selling junk food to children, which protect next generation’s health.



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Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation. (2010). The State of US Health, 1990-2010: Burden of Diseases, Injuries and Risk Factors. Washington: Journal of the American Medical Association.

Kerkar, P. (2017, July 7). Effects of Junk Food on your Child. Retrieved March 28, 2018, from Pain Assist:



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