Professional Portfolio

Sample 1

This is sample in Blog 5: Leader Profile, COM202. This sample showed the online information I found about my favorite leader in my community. The skill I learn was evaluating the internet sources. This is a useful skill because I know how to choose credible sources on the Internet following the CRAAP test to get the necessary information.

“Trang Ha (born in 1975)  graduated from the Faculty of Chinese Language, University of Languages and International Studies, Master of Communication in Taiwan (PV/MTM, 2015). She was the permanent correspondent of Tien Phong Newspaper in Taipei. Her job is writing, doing journalism, writing journals, writing scripts and advertising. According to The Vietnamese News, she has won many literary prizes such as First season of Students’ flower newspaper, The Greenage (1998) of Tienphong newspaper, Literature of the 20s (1995) of The Youth newspaper, Encouraging literary creation for young people (2004) of Thanh Nien publishing company, Favorite author (2012) of The Fahasha company, etc. (PV/MTM, 2015).”


PV/MTM. (2015, December 11). Who is Trang Ha. Retrieved from The Vietnamese News:


Sample 2

This sample is in my Blog 4: Conflict, COM202. This paragraph indicated how I solve the conflict through communication. This is an important skill not only in my life but also for my future career due to the decrease in conflict and the increase in work efficiency.

“As one of the founders and community managers, I helped them to solve this problem. First and foremost, I found two translators to talk, finding out what is the facts. Then, I held the meeting with related parties, helping them have face to face conversation. We talked together to eliminate misunderstandings and find the best solution. The last solution is that both of them collaborate to translate that novel together. I tried to persuade the two to cooperate, and as a result, that novel became one of our success stories. After that incident, the two became closer, so they cooperated in the next projects.”


Sample 3

This paragraph is in my Discourse Community Assignment: “The Discourse Community of Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario”. I was interested in the process of research and analysis of the Environmental Technician field which is my future career. In this sample, I can demonstrate the required skills and the ability of an Environmental Technician to work for Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario.

Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario is a community that gives opportunities for
anybody who wants to work in the environmental field because they can learn many skills and get a lot of experience.

In my opinion, there are three important steps for a newcomer to become a successful member of this community:

  • Look into a school program such as Environmental Technician that is offered at
    the Frost Campus of Fleming College (In order to work accurately, identifying bird skills is the necessary key that any technician needs to have. For this reason, successfully completing the Ecosystem Skills course offered by Fleming College is a good way to gain confidence and be successful because this course can provide foundational knowledge to identify all types of birds in Ontario)
  • Be willing to work in any situation (in the early morning and variable weather,
  • Have the ability to work independently and as a member of a team and communication skills to complete the work in the proper way
  • Never stop learning and working hard